Robert A. Robinson

Associate Dean of International and Institutional Relations at

Universidad Pontificia Comilla, ICADE

President of IPBS

President’s Message

A global understanding of the world in which we live has never been more important in business education then it is today. Opportunities post graduation will take graduates to all parts of the world and introduce them to cultures, mores, customs and norms which are outside their comfort zones and sometimes difficult to internalize.
The International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS) has been preparing its graduates for this world since 1974. Currently consisting of 12 prestigious international institutions, the IPBS focuses on providing its graduates a true multi cultural, language intensive, experiential learning and international business education.

The IPBS was founded on the concept of promoting international business double degrees, with language and business experiences incorporated. Today, the IPBS is a community of international scholars educating both undergraduates and masters level students through a closely aligned networked of highly regarded business schools spanning 3 continents.
I invite you to learn more about the incredible opportunities and global experiences the IPBS offers. Becoming a global citizen should be a part of every business student’s education. The IPBS can deliver on that promise.

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