International Business Immersion Certificate

The International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS) recognizes students’ extended academic experience abroad through multiple IPBS institutions.
This certificate is awarded to students enrolled in this consortium who are fulfilling the following set of criteria:

  • Enrolment type

  • The student participated in an integrated enrolment system at multiple IPBS institutions which allowed him/her to profit from the diversity of an international study and practical experience which exposes students to the academic environment in another culture where they are able to acquire a unique skill set.
  • Duration abroad

  • Students spend a minimum of one academic year abroad, comprising at least two semester terms, as defined by the admitting IPBS institution. This integrated enrolment allows students to experience a higher level of immersion than other modes of study abroad, such as an “island program” in which students only take courses with other students from their institution.
  • Credits earned abroad

  • Students who have successfully completed a minimum of twenty-four Carnegie units, semester credit hours, or the ECTS equivalent as defined by the admitting IPBS institution within an international business or management curriculum while abroad. A Carnegie Unit typically refers to 50-minute in-class instruction for 15 weeks.

The Certificate

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