“There’s an incredible spirit of excellence on the BBA in European Management.”
Floriane Blot
BBA European Management (Spanish)

“Looking back on my experience, I can definitely say that my time at Lancaster was one of the most enjoyable and enriching times of my student life. The excellent course modules combined with the exciting extra-curricular activities and the beautiful setting greatly contributed to my appreciation. Moreover, the BBA staff team has always been very friendly and helpful!”
Chrystel Chanteloube
BBA European Management (French)

“I believe that this degree is absolutely fantastic. It is a great experience on three levels. Firstly, it combines interesting and relevant management theory, practical application and interactive teaching in classes throughout the four years. Secondly, you have the opportunity to carry out 12 months of internships in two different countries. Thirdly, you get an international study experience during two years where you develop fluency in a second language and benefit from the rich diversity of the international partnership scheme, working and socialising with people from many different countries.”
Ross McLelland
BBA European Management (French)

“The European Management programme attracted me as it provided me with the opportunity to understand the principles and strategies of business with an international focus, combined with intense practical experience. As a French native speaker I was very excited to study in Lancaster, and I can now say that it was a fantastic experience which has confirmed my interest in working abroad in an international environment.”
Alice Mordret
BBA European Management (French)

“LUMS simply is a fantastic place to study. You are taught by professors who are experts in their fields and your colleagues come from all over the world.”
Rene Schmutzler
BBA European Management (German)

“There is a special spirit among those studying on the Euro BBA programme – internationality, great students, different characters, and the close link to the partner universities.”
Svenja Wagenmann
BBA European Management (German)

“The BSIB program is one of the most challenging and rewarding programs at Northeastern University. Unlike a traditional study abroad, the program requires its students to fully immerse themselves in the culture of their choice. By taking classes that are taught in a foreign language using foreign methods, I was challenged to learn in new ways. Working in Italy also exposed me to different organizational structures and work cultures. The experience helped to expand my thinking and grow as a professional. It also gave me a new framework through which to evaluate my own values and beliefs. As a result of my year abroad, I have grown as a leader and global citizen. My experiences will provide me with a competitive advantage in my future career in the globalized economy.”
Lauren Folk
BSIB Italy Class of 2013

“My year abroad in China offered me the opportunity to work and learn in a foreign environment, where I was immersed in all aspects of the culture. I gained great internatoional perspectives and was able to meet peers, professionals, and locals who taught me the meaning of being an international citizen. Throughout my classes at Peking University I was exposed to a broad range of international students who were able to share their experiences from their local classes and jobs they previously held. These experiences and exposures taught me the importance of global experiences and exposures to the business world. The program provided me with the tools to prepare for future endeavors not only in China, but countries around the world.”

“During co-op I was able to work both in Shanghai as well as Bangkok. I was able to see multiple sides of the company (Goodyear Tire Management Company) and was able to make connections with professionals on all levels of the organization. I was also able to interact with professionals in countries all over the world on a daily bases. My responsibilities allowed me to gain confidence and contribute significantly to Goodyear, preparing me for future positions in Supply Chain Management and Operations in the business world. Both studying and working in foreign countries required me to mature and grown on extreme levels in a short period of time and more then I had in any other year. The program provided me with the tools to prepare for these adventures, but the experience itself was priceless. Being able to achieve so much in one year is something that would not have been possible if I had stayed in the United States.”
Oliver Imkamp
BSIB China Class of 2013

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