The opportunity to develop an international career is one of the key motivations behind students choosing an IPBS degree. Studying and working in two countries gives our students the skills and experience necessary to stand out in today’s job market. An IPBS degree is recognised by many employers as an indicator of an emerging talent who should be of interest to their organisation.

Employability is embedded in the curriculum of all degree schemes in the IPBS which enables our students to implement their learning in the work environment whether through internships, placements or consultancy projects. To accelerate and ease this process, careers staff in each partner provides a bespoke, comprehensive service to support IPBS students in sourcing their internships.

As a result, IPBS students are highly valued by local and international employers; students who possess language skills along with international professional experience are sought after by all employers.

These pages are designed to introduce you to some of the resources we have available to support our students’ career progression. In particular, please see the student profiles section to understand the experiences of other IPBS students – they may indicate some possible pathways to your chosen career.

These resources are simply a sample of what the IPBS partners’ careers services has to offer. Each of the partners has a more comprehensive offer so if you have questions about a particular partner’s offer to IPBS students please do contact them.