Students in the four year IPBS undergraduate programmes spend two years at their home institution and two years at a partner institution abroad including two mandatory work placements equaling up to twelve months in total: one in the country of the home institution and one in that of the host institution.

Lectures, examinations, final project and work placements are conducted in the language of the country of study. Upon completion of the programme, students earn two bachelor degrees – one from the home institution and one from the host institution.

The governing principle of our programmes is that students develop the cultural agility and business skills crucial to today’s global business environment. Through their global mobility they immerse themselves in diverse cultural, academic, and work environments and join an international network of students and academics from other IPBS schools.

Our agreed module structure ensures that when moving from one IPBS partner university to another after two years, students have acquired the knowledge, language proficiency and skills needed to successfully progress in the programme. At the same time it leaves enough freedom to take into account individual profiles of the participating schools.

The distinctive value of this undergraduate international double degree lies in the deep knowledge and insight gained from an unparalleled authentic immersion in business, language andculture. The sum of this programme develops highly qualified and adaptable professionals sought after by multinational corporations who seek globally competent leaders.


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