Better Together VIRTUAL CAMPUS went live!

19th October 2022


With the leadership of the Deans of all 13 IPBS partner business schools, we are excited to announce that IPBS Virtual CAMPUS is now LIVE for students and alumni.

Better Together – Virtual Campus is a platform that creates a fully customized mentoring and networking platform for IPBS to spur collaboration, boost innovation and land students a good job.

Students number one reason to pursue higher education is to create a good career.  Creating a place for peer mentoring, connection with industry leaders and networking with alumni is a game changer.

IPBS has invested in our students and alumni to give them a new digital and data community called BETTER TOGETHER – VIRTUAL CAMPUS 



This is an exclusive virtual community for business school students and alumni of 13 IPBS partner business schools across the globe. The Programme Directors at each partner school provide the students and alumni with the link to get started.


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