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26th May 2023

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Citis Forum by NEOMA

Third Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Cities forum at NEOMA Business School Paris will take place on June 2nd 2023, 6 pm.

The forum will be of interest to researchers, academics, practitioners, and policy makers with interests in foreign investment into cities in an era where sustainability, China’s emergence as a global investor in cities, and city mobility are under increasingly the spotlight.

Co-hosted by NEOMA, University of York (School for Business and Society), and United Nations University – CRIS (Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies), the forum is the opportunity to hear from some of the latest thinking and to discuss from both academic and policy perspectives, in three panels themes: Sustainability, FDI and Cities / Chinese FDI and Cities / Mobility, FDI and Cities.

NEOMA gets +16 places in this year Financial Times ranking

The Financial Times published today its 2023 ranking of Executive Education programmes.  NEOMA has made considerable progress (+16 places) and this year is ranked joint 36th worldwide. This progress is mainly due to an improvement in customer satisfaction. This result is highly encouraging and confirms our ambitions for the development of Executive Education in the years to come.

NEOMA ranks 7th in the 2023 ranking of Le Parisien Estudiant

2023 ranking of Le Parisien Etudiant: #NEOMAbs ranks 7th. In the thematic rankings, the Grande Ecole Programme stands out on the internationalisation of the teaching staff and research.

With this ranking that closes the season, NEOMA consolidates its place in the French TOP 7.

Conference on the Future of Learning Factories

ESB Business School hosted the annual meeting of the International Association of Learning Factories “Conference on the Future of Learning Factories”

Congratulations to our Werk150 // ESB Business School, Hochschule Reutlingen on successfully hosting the 13th conference of the International Association of Learning Factories! From 9 to 11 May, over 140 researchers from 24 countries gathered at Reutlingen University, presenting over 100 research papers on the present and future role of learning factories in research and education.

“In learning factories such as ESB’s Werk150, the traditional lecture setting is integrated into the factory environment,” stated Eberhard Abele, Prof.Dr.-Ing, founder of the Prozesslernfabrik at Technische Universität Darmstadt, during his opening lecture. In the past, universities were distant from practical applications, inundating students studying production and logistics processes with theoretical knowledge, leading to a jarring transition into their careers.
A team of five Northeastern students, three of which are from D’Amore-McKim, recently won the Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition hosted by Georgia State.

A team of five Northeastern students, three of which are from D’Amore-McKim, recently won the Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition hosted by Georgia State University in Atlanta on April 27th. Members of the team include: Alex DiCarlo (Khoury/DMSB’23), Vedant Bhagat, (Khoury/DMSB’24), Michael Ford (Khoury/COS ’24), Conor Doyle (Khoury/DMSB ’25), and Pranav Olety (Khoury/CSSH ’23).

The Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition is a large annual international case competition where more than 100 universities around the world compete for a cash prize of $10,000. Teams submit hedge fund strategy proposals that are then judged by a panel of investment professionals who determine the winner.


Giorgio Armani received the honorary degree in Global Business Management from Univeristà Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Giorgio Armani, fashion designer and entrepreneur born in Piacenza, famous all over the world, received the honorary degree in Global Business Management from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore#Piacenza Campus.

You can check the #SecondoTempo article here:
Learn about the Global Business Management Master at:

WiWo-Ranking 2023 Business Administration – ESB Business School continues its winning streak

14.5 percent of human resources managers in Germany named ESB Business School when asked which universities and universities of applied sciences they prefer to recruit from. ESB Business School at Reutlingen University gained second place among all universities of applied sciences in Germany in the nationwide WirtschaftsWoche 2023 ranking for the subject of business administration (BWL) – just behind HTW Berlin, which was named 1.4 percent more often.

Professor Dr Christoph Binder, Dean of ESB Business School, notes: “For newcomers to business administration, studying at ESB Business School is a very good choice because ESB graduates have had a very good reputation among human resources managers for many years. This has been once again convincingly confirmed by the WiWo-Ranking 2023. Dean of Studies Professor Dr Julia Brüggemann is also delighted at the excellent rating: “The WiWo-Ranking 2023 shows that business administration students at ESB Business School obtain precisely the knowledge and skills that are required by companies from a wide range of sectors.

The annual American Chamber of Commerce Ireland Hackathon took place in Dublin City University, organised and facilitated by DCU Business School.

The Hackathon brought together 80+ highly engaged, skilled and innovative participants from AmCham’s “Emerging Leaders” cohort, to collaborate on new ways to make Ireland a more #sustainable place to live and work.

Participants pitched their own ideas of solutions to enhance sustainable living and working, and the top 10 ideas were selected to be developed over the course of three innovative, creative, inspiring days at DCU.

The winning team, ‘The Full Circle’, pitched a novel sustainable solution looking at human composting as an eco-friendly option for a body after death.

Comillas, the first Spanish University and sixth globally in teaching and learning according to the Fundación CYD ranking

The CYD Foundation has published the results of the tenth edition of the CYD Ranking, the ranking with the most complete information and the largest number of Spanish universities. In it, Comillas ranks as the first university in teaching and learning, and sixth globally. By areas, our solid leadership position in Law stands out, where we are the first in Spain; Political Sciences, the area in which the studies of International Relations are framed and in which we occupy the third position, and Business Administration and Management, where we rank as the sixth Spanish university. Precisely this area, along with Law, was recently recognized for the excellent employability of our students.

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