Alessandro Tommasi

UCSC – Northeastern University
Year of Graduation
Your current job (in which sector and function)

Corporate and Investment Banking at Citi

What were your personal highlights of your internships?

My first internship, which I completed during the Italian half of the program, was helpful as it confirmed my interest in Finance before moving to Northeastern. While in the US, I got a co-op position at UBS in New York. It was life changing, both from a professional and personal standpoint: I was able to pay for my expenses and meet people from different paths, which was of paramount importance in hindsight for my development.

What makes the IPBS Programme special?

IPBS proved priceless for expanding my horizons, in that I got to experience different cultures and working environments while befriending people from around the world. People that now represent some of the strongest bonds I ever created.

Your message to current and prospective students.

Give your best during this experience but make sure you enjoy every moment of it, as it will shape the way you see the world and live your life afterwards.