Alexandra Mattivi

Year of Graduation
Your current job (in which sector and function)

Sales Manager
peacekeeping and disaster control technology

What were your personal highlights of your internships?

I highly appreciated the fact that this study programme foresees two internship semesters. I had the chance to get insights into the world of startups as well as into large corporations. Both placements were instructive in their own way. This mixture made it such a great experience.

What makes the IPBS Programme special?

Hands-on international communication: you are on campus with students from all over the world, sharing a lifetime experience. All these different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles makes the IPBS programme special.

Your message to current and prospective students

Get involved, participate, be proactive. There are so many great initiatives on campus. Use the internships to check out different industries and positions; it is an opportunity to find one’s way.