Danilo Melle

Year of Graduation
Your current job (in which sector and function)

Co-Founder, Vibresse Ltd

What were your personal highlights of your internships?

Internships give students the opportunity to develop skills in the work place and build a network. Many students of the BBA receive a graduate job offer before they even finish the four-year programme. These internships made me become flexible and helped me to be more competitive among new graduates

What makes the IPBS Programme special?

The International Business Management BBA helps students to develop a network with other international students with the same interests and goals. I had the opportunity to study in two different countries in a multi-ethnical environment. It provides the best combination to equip you to succeed in the working world

Your message to current and prospective students.

Lancaster University helps young entrepreneurs to develop their ideas, and I think this University would be the best place for smart and inquisitive young adults.