Jenny McNicholas

EB3 (Northeastern University - USA to Dublin City University – Ireland)
Year of Graduation
Your current job (in which sector and function)

Transfer Pricing Intern (Tax) – EY

What were your personal highlights of your internships?

The most rewarding aspect of my internship is when I am faced with a challenge that may seem impossible, but I somehow find a way to do it. Coming into my internship, it was scary to be around experienced professionals who know so much about the industry that I only read about in a textbook and mostly forgot after a semester. I have been asked to research bills that I have never heard of, or to lead meetings for a system that is completely unfamiliar to me. However, I eventually learned how to reread material, summaries, or anything useful to me to begin to understand whatever I am working on. When I am finally able to figure out and understand it thoroughly, it’s a really rewarding feeling of accomplishment.

My experience has also been most enjoyable because of the company culture. It’s worthwhile to take the time while job searching to find a company that fits your personality and makes you feel part of the company culture. Although we work hard at EY, we have plenty of events outside the office, such as company sponsored cycling rides or an “away-day” conference outside of Dublin for all the EY Ireland offices. Attending events such as these really help you get to know your coworkers and has a positive impact on any interactions in the office.

What makes the IPBS Programme special?

Studying or working in a foreign location are both unique experiences that really challenge you to expand your viewpoint of the world. To be able to experience both of these together in the timespan of a year or two years enriches both opportunities. Before choosing to study in the IPBS program, I was considering studying in Ireland for my entire degree. If I had done this, I would not be able to view the contrast between the two locations and the lifestyles that come along with them. I can understand the aspects of working or studying in Boston that I enjoy, and the aspects of working or studying in Dublin that I enjoy. Together I can combine them to find my own working style that I am comfortable with and can continue to adapt.

Also, I truly think there is something to be said about the connectivity between the universities in this IPBS program. When I was studying in Boston, I had classes with the students from Dublin. When I left for Dublin, my friends were beginning studying at the other foreign universities. I would meet students from those universities in my classes in Dublin. It is an exciting experience to begin a life in a new city, and it is an incredible feeling to be around those who are equally as excited as you are.

Your message to current and prospective students.

My best advice would be to just be excited and take advantage of the opportunities this program will give to you. There is a reason why you chose this program, and there will be opportunities for you to fulfil those needs. For me, my reason was to travel and experience life in a new culture unfamiliar to my own. Through this program, I took every opportunity I could to do that and I am graduating knowing that I accomplished that goal. Also, during your time abroad, it will be comforting to spend time with those from your same country. It is nice to have others from your background to talk about your experiences while so far from home, but don’t forget to embrace the people around you from these different backgrounds. It is exciting to make friends from different places, like France or Spain. While you are excited to learn about their culture, they will be excited to learn about yours which is a very enjoyable experience.

Overall, it will be challenging at times and you may miss home, but the independence these experiences you gain will be truly rewarding. Embrace the excitement of being able to explore a new location. This is the time in your life to try new things, and the more you do the more adaptable you can be to nearly any situation.