Kristina Kaufmann

International Management Double Degree (ESEB)
Year of Graduation
Your current job (in which sector and function)

Co-op in the audit service line with focus on the financial services industry

What were your personal highlights of your internships?

One of my personal highlights during my two internships, of which I completed the first one at Daimler AG in Germany and the second one at Deloitte Ireland, was that I have received huge responsibilities and trust working independently on assigned tasks and projects. Further positive experiences were the good collaboration and the open style of communication across several professional levels and nationalities within the companies, which enabled me even more to support my teams by contributing new ideas. Moreover, I was able to develop a valuable network of business relationships with both colleagues and clients that will maintain far beyond the internships.

What makes the IPBS Programme special?

The IPBS undergraduate programme offers a unique possibility for students, acquiring thorough business and management knowledge embedded in an international environment at two highly-ranked universities. In addition, as an International Management Double Degree student, I have the chance to gain 12 months of extensive professional working experience and to combine those insights with my theoretical knowledge.

Your message to current and prospective students.

Overall, I would strongly recommend the International Management Double Degree programme. This global oriented study programme is a fundamental building block for a career as a competent leader in a more and more globalised world. Not only does the programme prepare you with comprehensive theoretical knowledge within four years, it gives you the opportunity to grow personally as a global citizen in a working environment. Fluency in at least one foreign language while having an open-mind towards the various cultures I experienced, along with my involvement in voluntary social commitments allowed me to have an indisputably positive impact on society.