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1st December 2023

Giorgio Armani receives honorary degree in Global Business Management

“There are two things that bring me here with great emotion: receiving what you have given me and seeing Piacenza again after so many years. On the stage of the Municipal Theatre in Piacenza, moments after receiving an honorary degree in Global Business ManagementGiorgio Armani gives himself with great generosity to the students of Università Cattolica. “I am a rational creative, but the drive always comes from passion. From an intuition and a burning desire to realise it”, explains the designer and entrepreneur. “Every idea, after all, is the result of falling in love and this work, which for me is life, is a continuous act of love. I also recommend that you cultivate love for what you do, with respect for those around you”. Armani emphasises “the doubly special value” of the title received from the university, “because it rewards, beyond the creative aspect, my role as an entrepreneur, the commitment and passion that have enabled me to transform a dream into a solid group, a symbol of Made in Italy”, but also because “it is awarded in my hometown, in a magical place that fascinated me so much as a child. I left Piacenza to find my way, which I found in Milan, but my roots have always remained here”.

Dozens of Brock researchers included on global list of top scientists

Stanford University’s list of the world’s top two per cent of scientists with the most citations has been updated. Goodman School of Business researchers on the list include:
• Dirk De Clercq, Professor, Management

The number of times a researcher’s work is referenced in other peer-reviewed work is one important indicator of their research impact and reputation.


International Men’s Day at Dublin City University Business School

Embracing International Men’s Day at Dublin City University Business School! On November 19th, we proudly join the global celebration of International Men’s Day, acknowledging the positive contributions men make to our world, families, and communities. This year, our focus is on the crucial theme – “ZERO MALE SUICIDE.” Together, we stand united to make a difference and end male suicide.

At DCU Business School, we kicked off the day with a heartwarming Coffee & Cake morning, where our Executive Dean, Professor Dominic Elliott, graciously shared personal reflections. It’s moments like these that amplify our commitment to fostering an environment where men’s well-being is prioritised.

November, a significant month for the masculine soul, is also Movember, a time to raise awareness and funds for men’s health. Let’s collectively support the holistic well-being of men.

Join us in spreading awareness, celebrating positive role models, and promoting the well-being of men globally. Together, we can create lasting change.

FGV Online courses

With more than 60 participants in the first class, the online courses, with 192 hours in total, aim to improve the quality of education in Brazil. Starting in 2024, the courses will be made available free of charge. The programme integrates theory and practice, focusing on effective management and continuous development. Learn more:

Learning Opportunities in NCSU Poole College of Management

The Poole College of Management creates high-impact learning opportunities for students that prepare them for success, wherever they land.

The real-world experience of hashtag#PoolePack professors of practice helps make it happen.  Read more. hashtag#PooleHighImpact


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