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15th November 2023

Goodman School of Business reunited sustainability and resislient economy experts

On November 3rd, The Goodman School of Business’ CPA Ontario Centre for Public Policy and Innovation in Accounting brought together researchers, students, local chartered professional accountants (CPAs), business leaders and local government officials to explore ways to create a more sustainable and resilient economy.

“We believe that the accounting profession has a role to play in driving these changes in business. What businesses cannot measure adequately, they cannot change or improve.” — Kareen Brown, Professor of Accounting and Director of the CPA Ontario Centre for Public Policy and Innovation in Accounting.

The keynote presentation was given by Assistant Professor Dr. Leanne Keddie from the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University and focused on the role of accounting in helping companies move towards a circular economy.

DCU Business School is pleaser to announce that a team of researchers has been granted noteworthy research funding by the European Union Commision.

This funding is designated to delve into innovative methods that foster trust-building and investigate pathways to fortify collective bargaining within the #EuropeanUnion.

The DCU team leading this ground-breaking initiative comprises of Aurora TrifLisa van der WerffMargaret Heffernan, and Eugene Hickland. With their collective expertise and commitment to advancing #scholarly #research, they are set to drive impactful outcomes in this vital area of study.

Notably, the DCU team collaborated with a dynamic consortium of researchers from six countries, including Sweden, Slovakia, Lithuania, Serbia, and Romania, to secure this prestigious funding. Linnaeus University‘s adept team from Sweden has assumed the pivotal role of project leaders for this comprehensive undertaking.

The research project, aptly titled Trust in Relations between Unions and Employers in Europe (TRUE EUROPE), is poised to bridge critical knowledge gaps regarding the implications and mechanisms of trust in collective bargaining across the #European landscape. Its far-reaching implications are expected to significantly benefit national and EU-level social partners and policymakers alike.
The research will be strategically focused on three vital sectors – Metal, Transport Banking and Finance – ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics at play within each industry.

Anticipated to commence in November 2023, this visionary project is slated to unfold over a span of two years, with a budget of approximately €555,000 allocated to facilitate its multifaceted endeavours.

DCU Business School extends its heartfelt congratulations to the esteemed DCU team and their collaborators on this laudable achievement. Their collective efforts are set to pave the way for ground-breaking insights that will undoubtedly shape the future of collective bargaining within the European Union.
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Inspiring workshop with African professors at ESB Business School

 The Doing Business in Africa // ESB Business School, Reutlingen University Research Group invited Professors from three different African universities, namely Addis Ababa UniversityUniversity of Rwanda, and Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, to discuss possibilities for cooperation in research, closer academic networking and the expansion of guest lectures for students.

The visiting professors gave informative lectures on the private sector in African markets during their three-day stay in Reutlingen. The students of ESB Business School thus gained an authentic insight into the challenges and response strategies of entrepreneurs in sub-Saharan markets. To do business in Africa, you must first get to know the local people. “Seeing is believing’ is the saying there,” says Professor Dr Philipp von Carlowitz.

The insights gained from the exchange of views with the DBA research team and regional entrepreneurs help us as a developing country to prioritize our research topics and make well-founded decisions for our economic policies,” says Professor Dr. Asres Abitie Kebede.

The DBA research group at ESB Business School focuses on the opportunities and future markets of Africa. It promotes knowledge transfer to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that want to develop African markets sustainably.

 NC State Poolo College’s Women in Technology Leadership and Management panel

 On November the 9th, members of the #PoolePack attended our Women in Technology Leadership and Management panel hosted by Poole College’s NC State Business Analytics Initiative in Talley Student Union.

Alysia Baker Eve, NC State Jenkins MBA alumna, moderated the panel.
Chanel ChambersKenya Oduor, PhD and Nicole Jefferies were our expert speakers.

Lancaster University Management School EQUIS re-accreditation

Further to their re-accreditation by EQUIS, they are pleased to be featured in this article showcasing all the other prestigious institutions all the prestigious institutions that were recently accredited or re-accredited.

Read more about this accomplishment and Professor Claire Leitch’s insights:


Fundaçao Getulio Vargas recieved the Top of Mind HR award

 For the 17th time, FGV received the Top of Mind HR award in the Distance Education category, recognized as the main award in the Human Resources sector in Brazil. The 2023 award had a record number of votes, indicating the growing engagement of the Human Resources community in recognizing brands and professionals driving the segment forward. Access our portal and learn more:

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