IPBS constituent partners are all successful business schools who combine resources and experience to provide an exciting and effective opportunity to study and gain degree qualifications in an international environment. IPBS Bachelor and Master programmes are designed with the needs of international business in mind. Our programmes present an opportunity to live and study in two countries, gaining exposure to a wide range of different cultures, while gaining a top class business education. Our goal is to give all our graduates advanced business knowledge and the prerequisite skills to prepare them to play leading roles in international management.

Please read what renowned employers are saying about the IPBS students.

Recruiter – Bayer

Università Cattolica is an important resource to find potential candidates for internship opportunities and professional experiences. Its diverse and well organized academic curricula meet the demand of skills and competences which are fundamental to work in a company.
An ongoing dialogue between the University and the company not only enhances the development of a common language and the understanding of mutual needs, but it also identifies collaborative spaces that contribute to the professional and personal growth of young people.

Theresa Kasch – Trade Marketing Barilla Group

UCSC has a plus compared to many other universities: the Double Degree Program. This program provides the opportunity to live university life in a network of international students, integrating the academic career in Italy with two years of experience abroad, during which students not only improve their language skills, but they also become part of the place they live in. UCSC thus combines perfectly two aspects that are fundamental for a multinational enterprise: the international dimension and the training

Mark Langer – CEO – Hugo Boss AG

I especially value the professional qualifications of ESB Business School’s students, which they demonstrate every day in the work they do so successfully at our company. The international orientation of the degree programmes at ESB Business School pays most notably in multicultural projects that we frequently have to manage working across disciplines.
In the meantime we have several alumni who have assumed management responsibilities in our company.

Selection and Development Manager – Robert Bosch España Fca. Madrid, S.A.U

Robert Bosch and ICADE have been collaborating for many years now.
We have always been committed to their educational and formative project, values and quality teaching.
ICADE is one of the best Universities in Spain. They take a very personalized tracking of students and know how to instill in them what companies need with regard to an internship or the beginning of a professional career.
Bosch will continue with this fruitful relationship that is maintained over time.

Economic Analyst – Invest in Madrid

Invest in Madrid is an institution dependent upon the Madrid Chamber of Commerce that functions as attraction agency of foreign investment. We value very positively our partnership with Universidad Pontificia Comillas-ICADE because it gives us the opportunity to have direct contact with students with a clear international vocation. ICADE’s Business Administration and Management students have demonstrated a high level of effort and commitment to the institution and their capacity for adaptation and learning has allowed these students to successfully carry out a large number of tasks, actively collaborating with the development of activities for the international promotion of the Agency. In the next few years we expect to deepen the excellent relationship between the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and ICADE.

Director of Administration – Arcano Group

For Arcano, Universidad Pontificia Comillas-ICADE is an indispensable partner in the recruitment of candidates. In particular, ICADE is the source for E4 students, both in regards to internships while they are studying and employment opportunities after graduating. For us E4 students from ICADE are a guarantee of high quality education, personal values and responsibility, three necessary qualities to be part of Arcano.

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